The glass ceiling for IT has been broken when it comes to cloud. Unlike before, companies now have the ability to cut out the hardware, and even the software if they choose to, with a cloud solution that reduces costs and shortens time to market. Companies with options can become more agile to better serve their customers. The cloud is the starting point to breaking IT’s reliance on the old ways of doing business.

Companies often get so overwhelmed with the idea of cloud and integration that completing either seems like victory enough . However, with seamless integration and a cloud that comes along with it, companies can go well beyond deployment to find real business value.

Not All Clouds are the Same

As popular as cloud is for businesses, and as important as it is to innovation, cloud projects are often viewed as daunting because of time and cost. These are the two factors that can torpedo any business venture. Companies often think short term when it comes to their systems, so they fail to recognize the necessity of integration and cloud’s ever-increasing value.

Not one cloud looks the same as another and not every company is at the same stage of their cloud deployment cycle. This kind of variation demands something flexible. Companies need the freedom to test different ideas before deployment and the flexibility of a cloud solution (that does not trap a company into a vendor) reveals how companies can make the most of their investments.

Experience as a Service

Although the cloud can offer great platform as a service (PaaS), the benefits of the cloud are not just to provide an integrated platform – it is to create an experience. The IT people interested in improving processes, the customers who use a product, and everyone invested in a company’s success want an experience that makes their lives easier. Having a central system that allows for rapid deployment, and even quicker responses to situations that demand attention, creates seamless flows where customers are served in real time. Consumers then experience better quality of service and the business wins all around.

The cloud is no longer the superfluous ideal people once thought it was. It is actually the future of IT innovation companies that need it in order to stay competitive. Companies just want the flexibility and option to move an entire organization to the cloud, but still not notice or get interrupted by the transition upward.

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There is No Glass Ceiling When it Comes to the Cloud

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